Shree: The light of the divine in all things, the innate and wild radiance of life.


Suki Dalury, Founder

Genevieve Oswald, Founder

Chaney Becker, Instructor

Ashleigh Beyer, Instructor

Sonya Luz Hinton Costanza, Instructor

Liz Fox, Instructor

Kelly Igoe, Instructor

Leia Layus, Instructor

Kari Malen, Instructor

Clint Murphy, Instructor

Rachel Varela, Instructor

Alice Zorthian, Instructor


In July of 2009 Shree Yoga Taos first opened it's doors. Our intention was then, and continues to be, to serve our community in a life enhancing and life empowering way. Since that first weekend we have had the great and humbling opportunity to witness our students triumph and thrive in the many faces of life's adversity. Across the thresholds of transformation this life has to offer, we as a community have gained wisdoms as well as offered wisdoms, from both the seat of the student and the seat of the teacher. With each passing year we welcome new members to our family as well as send others on their way into this world or beyond the veil. The walls of our studio are rich with story, ripe with opportunity, and filled to the brim with Shree every day. We look forward to meeting you and glimpsing the light reflect off of your many facets whenever it is that you arrive.