"Eternal Flame" Workshop with Janell Duncan

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"Eternal Flame" Workshop with Janell Duncan


"Exploring Bandhas, Granthis, shat-karmas and chakras while exploring the fun, playful style of Rocket Vinyasa!" 

Saturday May 5th, 2018

3:00-6:00 p.m.

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Learn about the heat producing effects of yogic breath, cleansing shat karmas that create a fire inside the body. 

Learn about the bandhas (locks) and how they unlock granthis (knots) within the body, relate to chakras and help in your physical asana practice. 

Play with arm balances and inversion workshop style with blocks, straps, walls and partners, great for students and teachers. We will play together to learn to fly! 

Rocket Yoga is a Western Form of tradional Ashtanga Yoga. The founder, Larry Schultz began to play with and rearrange the sequences to meet the need of his students, who were at the time none other than The Grateful Dead. These changes became known as The Rocket, or Rocket Vinyasa. It is a playful mix of the primary and secondary series of Ashtanga with some advanced poses from the third and fourth series. 

No previous experience in Ashtanga, arm balance or inversions are required to join in the fun! 

BIO: Janell Duncan is a YA E-RYT200/500 in Vinyasa, a YACEP and is certified to teach yin yoga and Rocket. This Last January she travelled to Austin, TX to complete her first 50 hours in Rocket Vinyasa with David Kyle. She loves to stick with tradition using the Sanskrit names of poses, singing mantra with the harmonium and weaving yoga philosophy into class, while balancing it with humor, and fun music. Teaching yoga has helped her overcome many obstacles in life including anxiety, shyness and more! She loves to share yoga with all!