Back Care Basics



Lengthen, strengthen, and restore. For students new to yoga who have scoliosis, are recovering from injury, or with limited mobility, to manage pain, increase awareness, and deeply relax.

Four Seasons Yoga

Level II


Deep, fluid breath and movement combined with precise alignment to balance the activities, climate, and predominant dosha of each season. Inspired by Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, and Ayurveda.




Realign, refresh, and restore your natural state of grace. This is a safe environment for practitioners with injuries and those who want to breathe and relax. No experience necessary.

Hatha Yoga



Source the power of safe alignment and action with breath. Build stability and strength, vital balance, and restful calm. All levels.

Level I



Beginning level class for those new to Yoga. Learn elements of optimal alignment, yogic breathing, and awareness of movement in basic postures. $7

Level II



Build on alignment and understanding of movement. Explore inversions, backbends and arm balances with attention to breath's stabilizing rhythm.

Morning Yoga

All Levels


Step from your dreams onto your mat, to breathe and move, gently transitioning into the day ahead.  A flowing vinyasa with music is the perfect way to awaken.

Slow Jams

Level II


Groove right into the weekend with a sultry playlist, smooth vinyasa to warm up, and quiet restorative to simmer down.

Yin Yang Flow

All Levels


To create a balanced practice, this class combines a strong, energizing sequence emphasizing breath with movement along with cooling and grounding postures. This class allows the student to cultivate mindfulness through integration of both safe alignment and graceful vinyasa. This class is led with music.

Yoga for Back Care

All Levels


Freedom of the spine is essential to the flow of vital life force energy inherent to us all. Class is designed for those with scoliosis, however, anyone who wishes to create space where there would otherwise be compression, and strengthen supporting structures so that overworked areas can be released and relax, is encouraged to attend.

Yoga Hour

Level I/II


One hour of mindful practice for lunch. Alignment, deep breath, and looking for the good included. $7