Welcome to Shree Yoga,

We are so pleased you will join us. Please take note that your respectful presence allows for everyone's experience to also be peaceful, powerful, and fun.

Yoga is done in bare feet, free from gadgets (turned all they way off), and odor neutral.

Please arrive on time: 5-10 minutes early will help us out a lot by giving you plenty of time to sign in and inform the teacher of injuries or needs you may have before you step onto the mat. Speak up so we can help!

Yoga mats are available for you to play on. After class, spray them with our essential oils wash to keep them fresh for the next student.

If you are late, allow the opening or meditation to finish before entering the practice space. If you came on time, kindly make room for latecomers!

Yogis of any age are welcome if they can hold space for silence and stay in it. This includes making everyone feel comfortable by keeping your focus, for the most part, on your Self. Rest when you need a pause.

We always invite you to enjoy your teacher's sequence fully. If you've got to scoot early, do so before Savasana to maintain a clear and quiet rejuvenation zone for your fellow students.

Relax, breathe, and indulge in your visit.

With love and gratitude,

Shree Yoga