Shree Kids Yoga is geared toward children ages 3-11. Each class will have a theme and we will have fun with poses that create connection and peace for children.

Love, Miss Alice

Private Yoga Instruction

A personalized yoga session is always available on request. Private instruction is a beautiful way to: deepen your practice; refine understanding of postural alignment and movement; identify, and work toward healing injuries and imbalances in your body; create a personal practice; simply offer a gift of deep self-care to you or a loved one. Think of it as a bodywork session where you learn tools that you can take home and play with. Take care.

At Shree, yoga is always free on your birthday!  

Just let us know and class is on the house.

Yoga is not all we do.

These wonderful offshoots continue to grow out of our

Shree House-Tree House. 

Sundara Studios Inc. is our sister company where we are creating incredibly beautiful and eco-friendly yoga branded stationary, gifts, and organizational tools.  

Check us out at

There is also a wonderful Yoga Pant Project being masterminded by Suki's awesome partner Orion over at SpectraLotus.  

You can check them out here!/index