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Love Yourself, Forgive Yourself


Jeremiah Glauser has been a sound healer and a practitioner of Bhakti yoga "Chanting " for the past 20 years. He offers in depth private sessions combining Tibetan bowls and sacred Sanskrit chanting. The body relies on its internal bio acoustics to maintain its balance and for a healthy DNA structure! Sound healing is the best therapy for balancing the chakras and opening the pituitary and pineal gland for optimal higher consciousness function. Sessions take place on a massage table fully clothed and last for 1 hr. Sessions are $50. Contact Jeremiah :  primordialsound108@gmail.com   #(808) 446 0845 



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Vastu : the Yoga of your Environment

Marianne Denniston, Vastu Specialist will offer a slide show presentation and discussion on Vastu, the Yoga of Your Environment. Vastu shows us how to create environments in alignment with the rhythms of the universe, establishing harmony with ourselves and nature. We will explore energetic techniques that balance the interaction of the five elements and nine directions to establish Vastu alignment and vitality in your personal space. This unique approach can transform your life, increasing prosperous and successful relationships and regenerating the balance between place, self, family and community.
BONUS: Bring floor plans for a FREE Vastu analysis of your environment.


Marianne Denniston LEED AP, Interior Designer and Vastu Design Consultant, offers services in every aspect of the interior design process including VASTU, the alignment of space, site, and structure through a modality inspired from the SCIENCE of DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE from India. Formally trained at the New York School of Interior Design, and Parsons School of Design, Marianne undertook advanced training at the American Institute of Vastu, Seattle, WA. She has since studied the intricate skill of creating balanced space and clear space with teachers from traditions, ranging from classical design to ancient architectural design systems. Marianne works nationally rectifying residences and business for increased success, and to create connections between the environment and the client’s goals – positively impacting people’s lives and functionality in response to their requirements in a global world.

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1:30 PM13:30

Roll, Release, and Recover

Address the issues in your tissues with this workshop. Each session includes soft tissue self-massage and body-balancing exercises derived from the yoga and fitness worlds. You’ll reveal your body blind spots, areas in the body that are underused or misused, wake them up and soothe them. This workshop is like getting a deep tissue massage and an accessible yoga practice at the same time.

1:30–3:30pm Lower Body: The lower body takes a lot of the load in your yoga practice, outdoor pursuits and in daily living. Experience how to stay supple and strong, addressing the tweaks that can keep you from feeling good in your body.

4:30-6:30pm Core and Upper Body: The role of strength and breath in core work, ball therapy for bringing more glide-ability to the core/back muscles plus sound biomechanics in the shoulders and upper back for mobility and stability.

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