1:30 pm13:30

Roll, Release, and Recover

Address the issues in your tissues with this workshop. Each session includes soft tissue self-massage and body-balancing exercises derived from the yoga and fitness worlds. You’ll reveal your body blind spots, areas in the body that are underused or misused, wake them up and soothe them. This workshop is like getting a deep tissue massage and an accessible yoga practice at the same time.

1:30–3:30pm Lower Body: The lower body takes a lot of the load in your yoga practice, outdoor pursuits and in daily living. Experience how to stay supple and strong, addressing the tweaks that can keep you from feeling good in your body.

4:30-6:30pm Core and Upper Body: The role of strength and breath in core work, ball therapy for bringing more glide-ability to the core/back muscles plus sound biomechanics in the shoulders and upper back for mobility and stability.

1:30 pm13:30

Intro to AcroYoga

Root Down yogis, please do mark a class in your tally of 20 in 30 if you would like to join this intro to AcroYoga.
Workshop fees are separate and to be paid to the teachers.
Thank you, and have fun flying!

Nov 20

Sacred Body Awakening

All regularly scheduled classes will be canceled 11/19-11/20 to hold space for this workshop. Memberships will be adjusted to reflect two extra days, enjoy a weekend of yoga off the mat.

2:00 pm14:00

Safe & Sound

A unique opportunity for our little ones birth to age 7 to experience safe and loving bodywork

Pay what you can Clinic
Please call or email to schedule a time in advance
Carrie Moon

Treatments facilitate optimal health and alignment, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. July clinics support the development of a mobile alternative healing unit serving children in rural northern New Mexico.